Cultural Accuracy Editing Service

We Critically Analyze Your Content To Ensure it's Not Harmful To Certain Readers.

Your manuscript should be accessible, accurate and above all sensitive to different cultures.

What Is Cultural Accuracy Editing?

Cultural Accuracy Editing involves screening manuscripts for issues like misrepresentation, biases, stereotypes, and more. These are all potentially harmful factors that can lead to an unpleasant reading experience. Cultural accuracy and editing is also referred to as Sensitivity, Authenticity, Diversity, or Targeted Expert Reading.

Why It’s important For Your Book

Many publishers are now seeking these important manuscript analyses for books. This field of work arose in response to events like #WeNeedDiverseBooks, which have led people to demand fair and accurate representation, justice, and equity from the publishing industry.

In recent years, many authors have retracted their controversial works, condemned them, or even cut them from the final published edition.

Our Cultural Accuracy Editorial Services ensure that your manuscript is reviewed and checked for potential cultural accuracy issues.

You will get feedback that is not to censor or condemn your book, but to empower you and make the best decisions for your readers.

The Cultural Accuracy Editorial Process

Choose Cultural Accuracy Categories

Select which sensitivities (see list below) you want to focus on and how many editors you want to review your content. Remember, not all editors will know everything, so it’s best to spread the workload. Each editor will have expertise in a specific agenda, and be an expert on reviewing for a specific topic.

Cultural Accuracy Review

So the editor will review all aspects of your manuscript and provide feedback on anything that needs to be changed, what worked really well, and suggest ways to make it even better.

Senior Editor Review

Our Senior Editor will review feedback from a publisher’s perspective, so you can make sure your final article meets the standards of that specific audience.

Our Cultural Accuracy Editing Pricing Plans

Features Rate Turnaround
One Time Fee $0.02/word Depends on MS

"In today's global market, cultural sensitivity is paramount. Good Book Writing's cultural accuracy editing made sure my content was respectful and relatable across cultures."

Priya R


These testimonials are based on real-life projects and experiences of our clients. However, due to our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we have changed the names of our clients for privacy purposes.

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