Get Guaranteed Greater Sales with Good Book Writing PPC Management Services

Good Book Writing is globally renowned Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management company that uses paid search to attract new customers and increase sales. We help you reach your goals, measure your ROI, and stay competitive in a constantly changing advertising landscape.

Drive Sales From Paid Search With The PPC Management Services

Want to increase your revenue for your business? Good Book Writing PPC can do this with our pay-per-click management services.

One of the great benefits of PPC advertising is that you can target very specific audiences for your business. You can quickly and easily reach them where they’re already looking, which lets you gain a competitive edge over other businesses.

How Can Good Book Writing PPC Experts Help Your Business?

For your online ad management, choose a comprehensive PPC management service to develop, manage, and improve your PPC strategy. We are a digital marketing agency that has more than 10 years of experience in pay-per-click campaign management.

PPC advertising management from Good Book Writing is the easy way to achieve more conversions with automated, intelligent targeting. Explore our service offerings:

Dedicated account manager

Custom PPC strategy for your business, industry, and goals

Researched 400 to 10,000 keywords for campaigns

Target on Google (including search and display), Bing, and Gmail

Advanced artificial intelligence for researching competitor ad strategies

Custom ad campaign copy

Placing Ad bids strategically

Optimized current ad copy, design, and targeting

Monitor and update account settings

Track up to 100 web lead phone calls

Regularly updated reports

Why is Good Book Writing One of The Best PPC Management Service Providers?

Our team has a track record of success in the field. We work with hundreds of clients on PPC campaigns that are successful and deliver meaningful results for companies.

Get transparent pay-per-click management pricing

We want our working relationship with clients to be open and honest. That's why our pay-per-click management prices are right there in black and white.

When reviewing our plans for PPC marketing, we want you to see the details and understand pricing. We'll also be upfront about what's included with each plan so that you know if it is a good fit based on your needs.

This is Also a Good Opportunity to Talk About Budget And Benefits That Come With Each Of Our Plans.

Harness the power of first-party data to drive revenue

First-party data is the most powerful tool you’ll use to optimize your digital advertising. If finding first-party data for your campaign is taking too long, our pay-per-click advertising service will save you time and effort, and we’re always happy to walk you through how it works.

We work with businesses to help them achieve their PPC goals.

We take pride in being part of clients’ ‘family’. The services we provide can be just as important to their success as their website, so they deserve our dedication and best work.

To help you achieve your goals, we make your campaigns our top priority. We work with you to get the results you want and need, and do everything possible to be successful.

Save yourself valuable time

We'll develop your campaign and help you come up with a strategy to ensure that it will be successful. We'll conduct advanced keyword research in order to find the perfect keywords for your audience, and an analysis of your industry so we know exactly what people are looking for.

When you're looking for a great PPC company, One Gency delivers! We'll take control of your campaign and work with you on every aspect of campaign management. With our expertise, we'll provide the guidance and support to help you succeed.

When you work with us, you can expect a campaign manager who will listen and understand your needs. We'll put together a game plan that has your best interests in mind, and we'll update you with the progress we're making on your campaign.

Need copywriting for your ad?

We’ll handle it from start to finish. We’ll test your ads and evaluate the performance of your keywords, ensuring that you’re always getting the best performance possible.

You’ve entrusted your PPC campaign to the experts, and you won’t regret it. We have everything in hand, and we’ll keep you informed about every decision you need to make.

Receive transparent ROI reporting

We provide analytics for your campaigns, A/B test landing pages, and make sure your keywords are effective. Our experienced team will keep you updated on your campaign’s progress and make suggestions, so you never have to be in the
dark or guess.

When it comes to PPC, you should invest in campaigns that are tailored to your business, industry, and goals. Get campaigns that will grow your business organically.

Every BUSINESS is DIFFERENT & That Means Every Business Has Different Needs.

Our PPC Pricing Plans

Features Lite Pro Enterprise
Investment Most Popular
Progressive monthly management cost 600/ Month $975 or 15% of spend, whichever is higher 12% of ad spend +$250/mo. platform fee
Ad Spend Limit $100 – $5,000/month ad spend (paid to networks) $5,000 – $30,000/month ad spend (paid to networks) $30,000+/monthly ad spend (paid to networks)
Initial Optimization $1,200 (First Month’s Management including Campaign Restructure) $2,250 (First Month’s Management, including Campaign Restructure, Creative Development) $5,800 (First Month’s Management, including Campaign Restructure, Creative Development)
Included Networks
Google PPC Network
Google Local Services Ads
Bing PPC Networks
Google Text Ad Remarketing & Banner Remarketing (if banner ads are included, provided by the client, or creative banner design is paid for)
Google customer match & audience match
Google Shopping Management
AI Advertising powered by Good Book Writing
3rd Party Audience Targeting
Account-Based Retargeting
CRM Pipeline Retargeting
Management Deliverables
450+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Initial campaign development & strategy
Advanced keyword research and selection 2,000 Keywords 10,000 Keywords 10,000 Keywords
Industry analysis
Ad campaign copywriting
Ad copy performance testing
Ongoing keyword development and tweaking
Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
Google analytics integration & goal tracking
Strategic bid management
>PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. Geotargeting)
Campaigns will be managed through client’s SEM accounts for (client will retain Admin/owner access of all campaigns created)
Up to two personal consultations per month
Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity
Setup and management of rule based bidding
International PPC campaign management (Addtl. fees may apply)
Creative Deliverables
Setup of 1 Landing Page template
Lite Display Ad Creative 2 sets rapid display ads – 16 ads total (8 images per set) 2 sets of custom layout display ads – 16 ads total (8 images per set)
Connected TV Commercial Ads 1 15-second rapid Connected TV ad 1 set of Custom TV ads 15-30 seconds with voiceover (2 videos total)
Audio Commercial – Coming Soon! 1 15 Second Audio commercial 1 set of Audio Commercials 15-30 seconds with voiceover (2 Audios total)
International Campaigns (SEM Only) – Each additional language monthly management cost: $275 $275
Performance Reporting
Monthly performance & analysis reporting
Website conversion analysis reporting
Omni-channel customer journey tracking and reporting
Federated Ad CLID Pool for tracking calls to specific paid ad campaign Shared pool (Up to 25 concurrent Paid Advertising visitors) Shared pool (Up to 50 concurrent Paid Advertising visitors)
Conversion Based Smart Bidding
Lookalike + Custom Audiences
Add Ons
Display Ads: Rapid CTA Layout – 4 Variation Sets for A/B Testing of 8 Sizes Each (32 Display Ads Total) & No Client Edits Included $600/month $600/month $600/month
Display Ads: Rapid CTA Layout – 6 Demographic / Age Cohort Sets of 8 Display Sizes (48 Display Ads Total) & No Client Edits Included $750/month $750/month $750/month
B2B Display Ads: Rapid CTA Layout – 10 Industry Ad Sets of 8 Display Sizes (80 Display Ads Total) & No Client Edits Included $1,200/month $1,200/month $1,200/month
Display Ads: Custom Layout – 1 Set of 8 Sizes & Up to 2 round of client edits $900/month $900/month $900/month
ConnectedTV – Rapid CTA Layout Video Ad – 15 seconds $150/month $150/month $150/month
ConnectedTV – Rapid CTA Layout Video Ad – 15 seconds – 2 CTV Ad Variants for A/B Performance Testing $300/month $300/month $300/month
ConnectedTV – Rapid CTA Layout Video Ad – 30 seconds $200/month $200/month $200/month
ConnectedTV – Rapid CTA Layout Video Ad for 15 + 30 seconds $300/month $300/month $300/month
Social Media PPC Advertising $900/month $900/month $900/month
Landing page performance testing $1,500/month $1,500/month $1,500/month
Translation Services By Quote By Quote By Quote
Website conversion analysis implementation By Quote By Quote By Quote
Additional Landing Page Designs

"With Good Book Writing handling my PPC, I've seen a significant ROI. Their strategies ensure my ads reach the right audience at the right time."

Bernard L

E- Automobile Garage

These testimonials are based on real-life projects and experiences of our clients. However, due to our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we have changed the names of our clients for privacy purposes.

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