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With a social media design from Good Book Writing, all of your social media profiles will look exactly like your website. Plus, you’ll give your customers a great first impression by maintaining consistency in the style and tone of your posts.

Good Book Writing is a leader in digital marketing, with services available to suit your needs. We offer social media advertising, social media designs, social media management, and more – find out what works best for you by browsing our website to see our complete list of services.

Plans to Maximize Your Reach

Social media has changed the way that businesses interact with customers. Our custom social media design plans are designed to maximize your reach through a wide selection of social media outlets.

Our Strength

Housed within Good Book Writing is a team that specializes in creating professional marketing designs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ Pages. We’ll work with you to perfect your social media account so it matches your business's image.

Our Approach

We create custom social media profiles, pages, and apps for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, et cetera that has coherence to your website and branding standards.

Good Book Writing Social Media Design Services

As the leading social media marketing agency, Good Book Writing knows the value of a well-designed Facebook page and other social media sites. We work with businesses to create original, attractive content for their profiles across social media sites like Twitter, Google+, and more. When you need an expert or an icon for a digital platform, trust our talented designers to design eye-catching visuals that have strong coherence to your brands.

Included in Social Media Design Services at Good Book Writing

At Good Book Writing, we're committed to top-quality customer service. With our design company, you have access to all of the social media design options for your business.

Twitter background & header design

More and more people are looking to Twitter tweets, instead of websites and blogs, to find companies they want to work with, follow, or purchase from. When your website and Twitter background don’t match, people may lose the connection when they go from one to the other.

In order to create a custom Twitter graphic, we follow these 3 simple rules:

  • Brands match color schemes to your website to maintain an element of continuity.
  • Flashy, catchy background image or pattern
  • Sometimes we’ll post a banner that displays the latest information for our clients on the left side of the screen or in the header (if using the new layout)

It’s also a good idea to have a Twitter page on your website that redirects visitors to your Twitter profile. You’ll get more control this way. For example, instead of directing visitors to company, you want to create a page on your site that’s labelled as

You can link to your company’s website, hire page, or any other information related to your company from the About page. That page lets you provide more detailed information about your company than a Twitter profile would.

Facebook profile design

Facebook can be a wonderful way to connect with your customer base. Creating a well-designed. Facebook page with custom graphics and engaging content will let customers know you care about

Since Facebook has such a huge reach, it makes sense to have a page on the platform. In order to get the most out of it, you may want to translate any important information from your website into Facebook form. This includes:

  • Creating a Facebook profile for your business
  • Encouraging your existing fans and followers to join you on Facebook
  • Providing timely, relevant content

One of the best ways to stay on your follower’s mind is uploading updates to them throughout the day, 365 days a year. This way you’ll keep them engaged and interested. And, since Facebook will help push your updates to their feeds, it can also increase the likelihood of your company being at the forefront of their minds.

Company blog design

When your company blog posts valuable information, it helps you to expose your brand and to educate your audience. But if the blog is ugly, you’re not going to organically attract followers or customers!

As your business changes and grows, so will your content marketing. Your blog is an important part of your content workflow. We design blogs that are beautiful and fresh, since blogs mainly speak to other people in your industry or best prospects. Good Book Writing uses special effects and a clean graphical style that will make readers say “wow!”

Blog design starts with doing the layout you want, then turning that layout into a blogging platform. It takes an experienced developer to make it happen.

Our Social Media Design Pricing Plans

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"Visuals matter, especially on social media. Thanks to Good Book Writing, my profiles and posts now stand out and captivate my audience."

Derrick W


These testimonials are based on real-life projects and experiences of our clients. However, due to our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we have changed the names of our clients for privacy purposes.

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