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We offer proofreading, content writing and editing services to help keep your content up to par.

Quality proofreading & editing services

At Good Book Writing we offer a wide variety of proofreading, content writing and editing services. We have a highly skilled team with diverse backgrounds, who produce quality content that meets global standards.

With a team of multi-skilled writing professionals in various countries, we provide the skills that your business needs to grow and thrive. By investing in our resources, you can save every possible resource while continuing to achieve excellent results.

Proofreading is an important part of ensuring that your company has consistent standards. Proofreaders identify misspellings, incorrect punctuation, and other inconsistencies that can make or break your reputation. The final check will not only identify typos and mistakes, but also points out inefficiencies or overcomplications in the writing. That way you know the integrity of your brand is never compromised.

Why Do You Need This Service?

Editing is necessary to ensure clear instructions are delivered to the audience in a way that will be convenient and understandable. Editing is essential in ensuring the call to action has complete supporting information in order to minimize false leads and maximize revenue.

Clear, direct communication is crucial to keep your audience's interest. Without this, your business will struggle to keep quality leads, loses its credibility and reputation and eventually staggers in its success.

From content writing to editing, our services complement your internal team to create flawless work and maximize resources. Our capacity for long hours ensures we can handle projects with high-volume and strict deadlines.

The Advantages of Proofreading and Editing Services at Good Book Writing

We can help you create any kind of content, from academic blog posts to social media videos. Our team strategically creates high-quality content that showcases your brand in the best possible light. You'll be a leader among your peers, thanks to our services.

Native-English Content Writers

Good Book Writing plans, develops and manages original content for businesses in a range of industries. We have the resources with English as their first language who can speak to your key target market and hit their needs head on. With our global talent pool and expertise, we take your marketing
efforts up a notch.

SEO Experts

We offer a wide range of services designed specifically for search engine optimization. We do extensive research to find the right keywords, and we create high-quality content that generates leads and gets businesses noticed.

High Conversion Rate

Our professional writing team is constantly researching and staying up-to-date on industry trends, so that our content is always relevant. Plus, the content we write will convert into new customers and sales for your business.

Thorough in Our Approach

We are committed to providing factual, in-depth content. To do this, we spend a large portion of our time researching and cross-checking information.

High Content Standards

Our knowledge base is an in-house resource that follows the highest industry standards. This ensures that all content we write for your business is of high quality.

Personal Attention

What sets our team apart is the personal attention your project manager can offer you. Your project manager will be your direct point of contact and will ensure that all deadlines are met.

Our Editing & Proofreading Pricing Plans

Features Rate Turnaround
Critical review and analysis on how to strengthen your MS and make it marketable $5,000 30 Days
Heavy editing and rewriting rough drafts $5,000 45 Days
Line editing for grammar and flow $1,000 14 Days
Copy editing $1,000 14 Days
Cultural accuracy reading $0.02/word Depends on MS
Developmental editing to improve structure and substance $3,000 15 Days
Book coaching $3,000 15 Days

"As a first-time author, I was nervous about the final output of my book. Thanks to Good Book Writing's impeccable editing and proofreading, my manuscript shines in its best light."

Emma H


These testimonials are based on real-life projects and experiences of our clients. However, due to our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we have changed the names of our clients for privacy purposes.

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